Club History

Instructors with belt display

Sensei Paul and Sensei Chris, with Sensei Jack Parker’s Black Belt

Club History

The history of St. Martins Junior Karate Club goes back to 1985 when it was founded by Sensei Jack Parker(3rd Dan).

Jack Parker , ran the club for many years by himself and has devoted much of his own time and effort into developing the club, and was strongly involved until the day he passed away (6th December 2015), the success and experience he has gained is invaluable to the club. Not only is Jack a big part of the clubs history but will always remain a strong part of the clubs future with his legacy. Two of his students now run the club and Jack and his wife Pat donated the Jack Parker Memorial Trophy.

More recently, Paul Turner(6th Dan) and Chris Haggan(5th Dan), have largely been involved with the running of the club. Paul is the areas highest graded black belt in Wado Ryu Karate in the area. Both Paul and Chris trained for years under Jack, and feel they owe a great deal to his teaching and friendship.

Over the years the club has enjoyed much success in many ways. The club has had many people gain the black belt and also has a good history in competitions; local, nationals, opens and also the International Youth Games.

As mentioned Paul and Chris now play major parts in running the club. Two other club former club members are still heavily involved in martial arts. David Hedges helps run a professional martial arts clubs in Dublin (Wild Geese). Dave visits our club a few times a year and his own unique teaching style is popular with higher grades. Lee Bartholomew fights with the English national squad. Lee occasionally visits the club and helps with training.